Guidelines and Recommendations

  1. LOCATION: The villa is located within the Condominium “Fincas Panaca”. Address: Km 7 Vereda Kerman | Quimbaya, Quindio (Colombia).
  2. HOW TO GET THERE: The 2 nearest airports are “El Eden Airport” of Armenia located 40 min. away and “Matecaña Airport” in Pereira located 1 hour away.
  3. GUEST REGISTRATION FORM: After confirming your reservation. you will receive an email with detailed information regarding the forms required for admittance to Fincas Panaca.
  4. ARRIVAL AT THE VILLA: Once you reach the main entrance you must provide, the guard on duty valid identification. Minors who don’t travel accompanied by their parents must provide a notarized permission slip signed by them authorizing the minor and appointing an adult responsible for their welfare and safety. Once completed, one of our employees will great you, show you the way to the house and give you further information about the amenities.
  5. CHECK IN & CHECK OUT: Check-in time begins at 15:00PM and Check-out is at 12:00PM. Any changes regarding your schedule must be previously consulted and authorized by the property manager.
  6. HOUSE KEYS: Prior to arrival you will receive a unique digital code for the main entrance of the villa. This code will be active for the duration of your stay, and keys to the bedrooms will be provided by the housekeeper in charge.
  7. HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE & HOURS: Your reservation entitles you to have a housekeeper present 8 hours per day during your stay with us at no additional cost (Up to 9 guests). For groups of 10 or more you are required to have a second housekeeper and pay an additional cleaning fee per day.
  8. GOODS AND ESSENTIALS: The kitchen is fully equipped with the essential utensils and appliances for food preparation. Guests will be provided with toilet paper, paper towels, liquid hand soap, dishwashing soap, sponge, 1 water jug and a reusable coffee filter. Within our property we have various fruit trees our guests can enjoy when they are in season. We also provide private food delivery service as well as partnerships with local restaurants who offer our guests discounts while staying with us.
  9. INVENTORY AND AMENITIES: Upon arrival the housekeeper or designated employee in charge will show you the house as well as familiarize you with the amenities. During the tour you must verify that all are functioning properly.
  10. TOWELS & LINENS: The villa is fully equipped with bath towels, pool towels and bed linens.
  11. WIFI SERVICE: The villa boasts an advance GOOGLE mesh wifi network, with access points throughout the house, to offer our guests high-speed internet service at no additional cost.
  12. LAUNDRY SERVICE: We offer washer & dryer service for an additional fee of COP $30.000 per load (We provide detergent and fabric softener). The washer and dryer will be operated ONLY by the housekeeper. Guests are NOT allowed to operate these appliances.
  13. PRIVATE POOL & JACUZZI: The villa offers you luxury accommodations with a private pool and heated jacuzzi with water jet massage. Chairs, stones, knives or foreign objects that can puncture the liner should not be submerged in the pool. The use of the pool is regulated and guests must comply with the rules posted at pool-side. Children must always be accompanied and under adult supervision. Use of the jacuzzi’s heating system is limited to one session per day.
  15. SECURITY RECOMMENDATIONS: The Condominium is under surveillance 24/7 and Herreria 10 is equipped with its own GOOGLE surveillance cameras system that helps in monitoring unauthorized individuals. It is also recommended to not leave valuables unattended. The villa has a safety deposit box so our guests can store their valuables while absent. If the house is to be left alone, verify that all doors and windows are properly closed and secured.
  16. CONDO REGULATIONS: Fincas Panaca has established rules of conduct our guests must respect. the rules established by the condominium such as loud noise and music after 11:00PM to not disturb neighbors, respect of all common areas, respect private property and avoid domestic disturbance. The violation of any of these rules will carry penalties and possible removal from the premises.
  17. INCIDENTS: In case of any disturbance out of the ordinary, you may contact security (24/7) by dialing 100. The property manager will also be available to help you solve any type of situation.
  18. DISCOUNTED PARK TICKETS: Our guests receive discounts to visit some of the most iconic theme parks in the region. Parque Panaca, Parque del Cafe, Parque Recuca and others.
  19. VISITORS: Any visitors joining your group that were not listed on the Guest Registration Form must be announced and authorized prior to their arrival. Visitors who stay after 10:00PM will be charged for accommodations at the rates stipulated per person according to the season.
  20. RESPONSIBILITY: The individual who booked the stay is responsible for the group and any damages incurred by them. Prior to check-out, the designated person will tour the house to verify the inventory and condition of the house. In case of any damage or loss, the corresponding payment will be made before leaving the villa.
  21. HOSPITALITY: Johanna Bolanos will be your point of contact from the moment you book with us until you leave. She will be accessible to answer all questions. She can be reached on her mobile at +1 347.624.3161.